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How to Turn Tax Deductible Pennies into Charitable Dollars

Client Issues We Address:

  • Clients want to leverage their philanthropy

  • Clients wish to do the most good with a minimal amount of financial pain to their estate or family

  • Clients wish to develop a legacy that will outlive them

What We Do to Address Client Issues:

  • We optimize their charitable giving by combining various needs and goals into a single program

  • We identify ways to donate assets to charity to provide potential tax benefit to our clients

  • We use life insurance to leverage the donations to the charity and to our clients

  • We set up these programs to benefit the charity with no ongoing premiums required

Expected Outcomes for Our Clients:

  • A current tax deduction
    • Don't forget the recent tax act which limited certain deductions did not impact charitable contributions

  • The peace of mind knowing that the charities of their choice will have a legacy to continue their mission

  • The ability to teach their future generations the importance of philanthropy

  • Ongoing support for the charity with no ongoing financial obligation or responsibility for our clients