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Everything Starts by Just Listening to You

How Would You Answer?

  1. 25 years from now, what would you want people to say about your family?
  2. 25 years from now what would you want people to say about you?
  3. What would be the barriers that could be an impediment to meeting the above statements?
  4. What would you want your great-grandchildren to remember about you?
  5. Same question as above, but now what would you want your community to remember about you?
  6. What scares you about money?
  7. What do you enjoy about your work?
  8. What do you like least about your work?
  9. What do you like most about your financial situation?
  10. What in your financial situation would you not want to change?
  11. What do you like least about your financial situation?
  12. What do you look for when dealing with professional advisors?
  13. If you were told you had one year to live, what would you want to get accomplished?
  14. What role do you want it to play in your children’s life? Your grandchildren’s life?
  15. If we were sitting down three years from today, what would need to happen in your personal, family and professional relationships for you to feel satisfied?
  16. What are your feelings about the economy over the next one, three and five years?
  17. What are your top five goals we need to accomplish in the planning process?
  18. What is the most important money value I want to establish?
  19. What is the most difficult thing about having money?
  20. I am proud of using money to ______ because _____?
  21. I object to spending money on ____ because ______?
  22. The most important lesson I have learned in life is ____?
  23. What’s missing in my life is _______________?
  24. The best decisions I have made in life are _____?
  25. The worst decisions I have made in life are ____?
  26. What are your family’s assets?
  27. Where do you want your family to be in 50 years?
  28. What are the universal principles that hold your family together?
  29. What role does money play in your life?
  30. What can We do to help you, your family, your business and future generations?