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For You and Your Family



#1: How Good is Your Safety Net?

Client Issues We Address:

  • Clients want to save and invest for growth potential before and during their retirement

  • Clients are very concerned about market volatility

  • Clients wish to minimize taxation and the negative effects of inflation as much as possible

  • Clients are concerned about needing to take withdrawals in times of down markets, thus limiting future growth opportunities

  • Clients want the control of using IRA, 401(k) rollovers or other investments to meet these needs

What We Do to Address Client Issues:

  • We employ state of the art programs that simultaneously allow for growth while offering a variety of benefits and features. These highly customizable programs have the following effects:

    • Clients choose their risk portfolio. It can be conservative, moderate or aggressive and some allocations can be changed at will

    • Safety nets can be fixed, variable or tied to interest rates. The latter allows one to take advantage of higher interest rates in the future

    • More funds can now be potentially available for retirement by investing more aggressively than one might otherwise do if there were no safety nets

Potential Benefits for Our Clients:

  • Clients may still have growth potential with customized benefits and features

  • Clients may stay ahead of inflation by allocating more to growth without being encumbered by having too much in fixed portfolios

  • Clients have greater flexibility to avoid distributions “at the wrong time”



#2: How to Make the “Expense” of Long-Term Care Turn into an “Asset”

Client Issues We Address:

  • Our clients are concerned with out of control yearly premium increases

  • Our clients worry that money spent on long term care will be wasted if they don't use it

  • Our clients don't want to have to fight for reimbursement of long-term care expenses

What We Do to Address Client Issues:

  • We combine various needs and goals into a single program saving our clients money

  • Long term care insurance premiums are not wasted. Someone will receive a tax free benefit -- either the client for long-term care or the family as tax free life insurance

  • We use a “single pool of capital” method to give the client the flexibility to control when long-term care money is employed while allowing the client to retain control of the funds

Expected Outcomes for Our Cients:

  • We saved money by combining various needs and goals into a single program

  • Peace of mind

  • A simple to understand single program to meet many needs

  • No need to submit bills and hope to be reimbursed



#3: How to Disinherit the IRS in Favor of Your Children & Grandchildren

Client Issues We Address:

  • Parents/grandparents want to maximize and leverage their annual gifts for future generations

  • Clients don’t want their future generations to wait until 59 ½ or be forced to take minimum distributions in the future, like an IRA or 401(k)

  • Parents/grandparents wish to minimize future taxation on growth, re-balancing and especially withdrawals

  • Clients want to minimize the limitations and restrictions on future accessibility

  • Parents/grandparents wish to have flexibility in both contribution level and design

What We Do to Address Client Issues:

  • We employ various underutilized financial instruments to capitalize on efficient growth, re-balancing and distribution, which have the following effects:

    • More funds may now be saved for their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren by maximizing allowable contributions

    • More capital can be allocated to the family and less to the IRS

Expected Outcomes for Our Clients:

  • Clients can do more with less

  • We design highly effective creditor and tax proof intergenerational plans for the parents/grandparents that they can give now to have their future generations appreciate and benefit from their generosity while still alive

  • Parents/grandparents can minimize current gift taxes while simultaneously reducing their taxable estate

  • Children/grandchildren may now be able to minimize taxation on growth, re-balancing and withdrawals