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For Your Business and Executives

The Case for Customized Tax Efficient and Leveraged Retirement Plans

Client Issues We Address:

  • Clients want to put away more than the qualified plans allow

  • Clients don’t want to wait until 59 ½ or don’t want to take distributions at 73/75

  • Clients wish to minimize taxation on growth, re-balancing and withdrawals

  • Clients / business owners wish to minimize the limitations and restrictions on qualified retirement funds

  • Client / business owners wish to be selective on who may participate in the plan

What We Do to Address Client Issues:

  • We employ various underutilized financial instruments to capitalize on efficient growth, re-balancing and distribution, which have the following effects:

    • More funds may be saved for retirement by maximizing allowable contribution

    • More capital can be allocated to the owner/executive

Expected Outcomes for Our Clients:

  • Clients can do more with less

  • We build highly effective retirement plans for the owner or executive

  • Clients may now be able to minimize taxation on growth, re-balancing and withdrawals